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RMS Library
Posted on 11/14/2018
Read These BooksTry the Library Catalog, Destiny which is linked on both the District and on the
Middle School website at www.richland.k12.wi.us.

Would like to read an online eBook at home anytime? Look for the icon next to a title in your Destiny search.

The Richland School district has been sharing monthly tips and resources on Digital Citizenship, which is the standard
of appropriate, responsible technology use. September’s focus was on the one-to-one iPad deployment: how to handle and care for the device. October’s focus was on Social Media, and how to safely and responsibly navigate these online spaces, so they are used in a positive manner. November’s focus is on Intellectual Property. Copyright law was established in1710, but in the world that we are
living in, there’s a lot of misinformation about legal rights and responsibilities in the digital age. The Internet offers many opportunities to download, share, and re-use copyrighted material in many legal and illegal ways. Many people do not know what the rules are regarding copyright.

Copyright law is all about balance. Copyright is intended to protect original works, but it also ensures that people can
access and re-use creative works in new ways. When students are working with digital resources online, they need to remember the following:
• Check who owns it.
• Get permission to use it.
• Give credit to the creator.
• Buy it if necessary.
• Use it responsibly.

You can type the following web address to watch a video called, “Teaching Kids about Copyright & Piracy” to learn
more about copyright and how our students can legally take advantage of many digital resources http://goo.gl/kj0t0v
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